On the List - XXXChange, VNDLSM, Little Louie Vega and Yo! Majesty

Should we be worrying, ya'll? Economy is going to shit. Let's hope Obama fixes things soon after he gives Bush the boot from the White House next week. Until then, there shall be more drinking and partying to forget we are on the verge of going broke.

Here is what you'll want to check out this weekend:

Spank Rock DJ XXXChange will be spinning at PS14 for its Happy House party tonight. As we said yesterday, XXXChange is the man largely responsible for the hipster-hop sound that's quickly becoming popular.

Friday night, VNDLSM/VND & LSM/AutoErotique/whatever-they-are-calling-themselves-theses-days will be spinning at Heathrow Lounge, where -- get this -- Red Stripe will be doling out free beer. They are often compared to another voweless DJ duo, but their sounds tends to be a bit more pop oriented.

On Saturday, The Vagabond features Little Louie Vega for the millionth time since opening. No surprise there though, since we hear Vega and owner Carmel Ophir are friends.

Tuesday night, Tampa Bay rap duo, Yo! Majesty, will be performing at White Room. The girls performed in the Magic City last year at an empty Studio A. Lets hope attendance is better this time around, because these girls know how to get you sweatin'.

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