On The List - Vagabond Redux, Skream and DJ Huggs

There is only one word that could describe last weekend: Boring. It was so boring, personally I went to bed most nights by 1 a.m. Come on Miami! I know we are at the height of the low season, but that doesn't mean we have to get lazy. Unfortunately, things don't seem to be picking up this weekend either, except for a few gems here and there.

Last weekend was a rough one for The Vagabond (30 NE 14th Street, Miami). After a ceiling tile fell and hit a patron, the fire department closed the venue for the weekend until repairs could be made and a building inspector could examine the work. But leave to the owners to make lemonade out of lemons. Its Thursday night party Money Shot will be happening tonight with special DJ Tommy Ryk (Rokbar). And to celebrate the reopening there will be a Skyy is Falling drink special (Get it? Got it? Good!), with free Skyy vodka from 10 to 11 p.m. In addition, last week's canceled Mid-Summer's Night Fairy Tale will happen this Saturday.

Friday, dub-step icon Skream will be at Laundry Bar (721 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach). What's dub-step? Think drum and bass but slowed down, which doesn't make for much dancing but if you are into the whole audiophile/IDM scene, it will be paradise. And just in case you have more than one load of laundry to wash, Atlanta DJ Le Castle Vania will be spinning at the venue on Saturday. Odd booking if you ask me, seeing how a Downtown crowd would appreciate him much more.

Rock The Bells rolls into town Saturday as well and there are plenty of afterparties -- whether official or not is yet to be determined. Poplife at White Room (1306 N Miami Avenue, Miami) is calling itself an afterparty, but no word if there will be any surprise appearances. Santogold or Flosstradamus perhaps? Both have appeared at Poplife events in the past. Well for now, you'll have to settle for DJ Huggs (Montreal), but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some unannounced special guests.

Mansion (1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach) has got your Redman fix, in case you don't get enough of him when he performs at Bayfront Park. While I'm sure his sidekick Method Man will make an appearance, its fellow Clan member Raekwon who is sharing the bill.

- Jose D. Duran

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