On the List - Roger Sanchez, Justin Martin and JD Samson

We're hoping the current cold snap disappears this weekend. We don't know if we can handle another night of freezing temperatures. Why? Because Miami's nightlife scene isn't equipped to handle cold patrons. Clubs lack coat checks, so if you bundle up to keep warm outside, you're most likely going to have to throw it in a dark corner and pray it doesn't get stolen.

So let's hope the coats can stay home, because here is what you want to check out this weekend:

Famed New York house DJ Roger Sanchez stops by the opulent Set tonight. Sanchez is set to release a new compilation next week called Roger Sanchez 3D. To celebrate, he's offering a little taste with his mix of A Tribe Called Es' "Dancin'."

Seems like the guys at Dirtybird can't get enough of Miami because San Francisco DJ Justin Martin is back. You'll have two opportunities to catch Martin, first at White Room tonight and later at Parkwest for afterhours.

Finally, Saturday, Le Tigre's JD Samson will be spinning at White Room for Poplife Saturday night. The P-life crew is celebrating founder's Aramis Lorie's birthday, who is turning -- well, we aren't sure, but does it really matter?

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