On the List - Halloween with Chromeo, Lady Gaga and Otto Von Schirach

Boo ya'll! It's Halloween. Time of year when girls dress like total sluts by wearing lingerie and some kind of animal ears. "Look at me! I'm a sexy mouse." Sure you are. While we appreciate a bit of sexiness during Halloween, we also appreciate a bit of creativity too. But everyone's inner skank isn't going to damper our mood. Here is our super-spectacular Halloween edition of On the List:

Two step, two step to Heathrow Lounge where you'll be able to catch Chromeo. The Canadian duo will be bring its signature funky electro sound while South Beach cool kid Alexis Mincolla of Black Sunday fame will be bringing the scares.

If anyone is going to do Halloween justice its Otto Von Schirach, who is bringing his dirty beats to 305 Music Lounge. Also on the bill is Dino Felipe and the Ghost Band, so it's sure to be one scary night.

Just dance with Lady Gaga who is going to get things moving over at Set during its Leather & Latex Halloween Party. Ms. Gaga has been touted as the "next Madonna," which we don't exactly agree with, but the woman does have some catchy tunes. Plus, is there any other venue more gorgeous than Set that side of the causeway?

If you haven't been, you need to check out Nightmare Ghost Stories at Soho Studios, which is much scarier than anything crammed into the theme parks in central Florida. But Friday night, the dead come alive for the Nightmare Halloween Bash with DJs Parantula, Satz and Cato K. That's not all, plenty of performers will be scattered across the venue to provided some atmosphere.

Get ready to rock out with Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, who will be bringing the progressive house beats to Karu & Y. Yes, Tommy Lee is taking this DJ thing pretty seriously and the results are amazing. So give an aging rocker a chance.

There aren't any big names hitting up The Vagabond, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Simply the 14th Street club is offering the Most Interesting Show in the World, a sort of freak show/circus act that is sure to entertain patrons. And let's not forget sounds provided by its cavalry of DJs including Ray Milian, Lolo, Mike Duece and more.

-- Jose D. Duran

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