Oiled-Up Hunks of Stripped: "If You're Looking to Get Sticky and Oily, It's the Place to Be"

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The trouble with oiled-up hunks is they're rarely naked and thrusting their crotches in your face.

Not Rike Mambo, Orlando, and Eduar. These beefcakes are The Strippers Del Mambo. And as stars of Stripped: The Show, they're going to treat your nose like a pommel horse.

On August 29 at the Martini Bar at The Village of Gulfstream Park, Stripped: The Show is going to give you a hot-n-sexy all-male revue, a merengue concert (by the oiled-up hunks, who are also a Miami band!), followed by a late night of dancing and freestyle thrusting.

Last year, the Strippers Del Mambo played to crowds of 1,500 in Texas. And later this year, they'll be touring college campuses, making googly-eyed coeds practice writing Mrs. Stripper Del Mambo over and over in their composition notebooks.

We spoke to Robert Rivera of Icon Entertainment, the show's organizer and Hunkmaster General, about just how oiled-up these oiled-up hunks are, Orlando's pecs, and a philosophical world of limitless freedom.

Crossfade: So how much body oil do the oiled-up hunks go through in a night?

Robert Rivera: One of them dresses as a fireman, another as a police officer. At the end of the show, they come up in towels only, and they're totally oiled up. I don't know how much they use, but they definitely have the Jiffy Lube going. If you're looking to get sticky and oily, that's the place to be.

Do the dancers have any moves that are forbidden in certain states?

I had a conversation with them yesterday and they're very professional guys. Two of them are personal trainers and the other is a salesman. They said the male revue business before Magic Mike had kind of dropped. The guys who were doing the shows were just doing it to make money, but weren't taking care of their physiques. Our guys live and die by their physiques. These guys are chiseled. They want to be the best. And they are. Very chiseled.

Have any of the dancers named their pecs?

Not that I would know of.

Have you named any of their pecs?

Orlando's, I would call "Wow." His pecs are wow, he's all about wow.

What have you learned about human nature by watching the audience reaction?

There are different dimensions. Women love it, some guys hate it. At some of the shows they did in Texas last year, the dancers had to get escorted out by police because there were jealous guys waiting outside to beat them up. It's the ultimate girls' night out.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt wrote in his 1954 essay "Theaterprobleme" that comedy is the mode of expression suitable to "an unformed world, a world in embryo or in collapse, a world that is packing its bags, as ours is." To what world is an all-male stripping revue the most suitable form of expression?

For a world of freedom. It's a girl's freedom, a girl's escape. This is the ultimate expression of the man's beautiful body. A woman's chance to enjoy herself, a man's chance to enjoy himself. A getaway from all the negativity in life.

Get away from negativity and head towards the glistening thighs of Stripped: The Show, swinging its bulging dong sling toward you on August 29.

Stripped: The Show featuring The Strippers Del Mambo. Wednesday, August 29. Martini Bar at The Village of Gulfstream Park, 601 Silks Run, Hallandale Beach. The show starts at 9:30pm and tickets cost $15 plus fees via wanttickets.com/strippedtheshow. Call 954-589-2679 or visit martinibargulfstream.com.

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