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Off With Their Heads at Churchill's Pub August 12

Off With Their Heads at Churchill's Pub August 12
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We know the rest of the country has been experiencing a lil' thang called a heat wave. But New Times has no sympathy. It's hot in Miami all freaking year. Maybe that's why pop-punk quartet Off With Their Heads spends so much time in the Magic City. See, the band is from Minneapolis. And people tell us that place is freezing!

In 2008, Off With Their Heads made its South Florida debut at the now-defunct House of Pain. And the next year, the crew paid a visit to short-lived DIY space Goo. By 2010, though, the group had found a main squeeze in Churchill's Pub. But beyond the weather (and an affinity for the Dave Daniels experience), we're sure Off With Their Heads has a particularly good time in Florida because it's a top-five state for pop-punk. Gainesville-based No Idea Records and the annual, ever-bloating The Fest have been number one in the game of anthemic, sentimental, poppy, rockin' punk of all varieties — from the suburban ska of Less Than Jake, through the gravel-voiced epics of Hot Water Music, and up to the sing-along Springsteenisms of Against Me! — for more than a decade.

And Off With Their Heads (which was signed to No Idea before moving over to Epitaph) fits right in, thanks to snappy, simple jams augmented with a little homegrown Twin City snot-punk melody à la Dillinger Four.

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