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Off the Beach!

We empathize with tourists: If you don't live in Miami, it is lovely to sit poolside outside a hotel and drink complimentary cocktails from one liquor sponsor or another; to look up at the palms; to wade in the vanishing-edge pool to a throbbing soundtrack of house music.

But if you do live in Miami, you may have had enough of that, thank you. You want to start your weekend Thursday, and you want to start it dancing. If your bangs are fringed and your sneakers limited-edition, and if your minidress is mod and your sunglasses are aviators, you probably already look to Poplife, the trusted indie dance party at The District, for fulfillment.

This year, Poplife joins forces with Purefuture, BPM magazine, and Industry 88 — the booking masterminds behind the Rest, Relax, and Recover barbecues on the Beach — for Maximum Capacity, a party whose eight DJs vary in style from techno to house to electro-punk. But some Poplife fans might not know their way out of a rock and roll closet. For them, a summary of what to expect:

The headliner of Maximum Capacity is Matthew Dear, the Detroit-based Ghostly International artist who also records under the alias Audion. Dear's latest album, Suckfish, is an assemblage of tiny musical pistons and gears that whir and pump. (Think of the noises produced when winding a pocket watch, echoing off the walls of a cavernous, dripping cave.) As a DJ, he favors glitchy, hypnotic techno tracks replete with booms and beeps that evoke a space-age city full of scurrying inhabitants — enough to draw out the shy inner robot in anyone.

Dear will be joined in the main room by a number of similarly techno-centric players, most notably Justice, another French production duo in a long line of French production duos. With music that's distorted, pleasantly kitschy, and very danceable, Justice's Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay hybridize Air and Daft Punk both in spirit and in sound.

In the side room, the prevailing spirit will be more disco in nature. In addition to resident Poplife DJ Matt Cash, Brooklyn-based James [email protected]#$%^ Friedman will spin his remixes of artists like Out Hud and Annie, and the Juan Maclean will play a set of house classics. The men will be joined by Justine D — copromoter, hostess, and DJ of New York's famed Motherfucker parties, roving holiday-weekend events known for their punk rock and New Wave soundtracks.

As for the crowd, expect asymmetrical hairstyles, terry cloth Daisy Dukes, thrift store chic, and maybe even a stray nipple. Expect carousing. Expect fun.

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