Occupy Miami Theme Song Proclaims "We Are the 99%"

It's been three days since the Occupy Miami movement massed at the foot of Bayfront's Torch of Freedom and marched on Stephen P. Clark Government Center, pitching tents, staging sidewalk sit-ins, and generally fucking with business as usual.

Last night, the occupiers joined forces with local grassroots crew Bredcrumbs to throw down an open-invitation Hip-Hop & Rock Jam. And now the movement's spawned its own anthem, "We Are the 99%."

Masterminded by Let's Talk About It!'s Subhash Kateel and produced by Canal Records' Devin Arne, this solidarity song features outraged rap verses by one-man Miami media machine La Guardia alongside a soaringly anguished chorus by Fernando Castro.

La Guardia spits, "We are the 99 percent/Tryin' to meet the right amount of rent/Beneath the monument of fallen stocks and pocket lint/Our outfits ain't got that fine designer scent/They got that overdrawn college loan kinda stench."

Meanwhile, a somber slideshow of testimonial photos pulled from wearethe99percent.tumblr.com flashes past, protesting lost jobs, shitty wages, unfair rent, astronomical medical costs, and a rigged system.

The movement's message: "There's gonna be changes."

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