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Occupy Miami Fundraiser at Churchill's Pub March 27

Occupy Miami Fundraiser at Churchill's Pub March 27
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Do you support the Occupy Miami movement but hate living in a half-abandoned Overtown apartment complex? Are you and/or your friends "dying to get arrested" in the name of socioeconomic equality but are short on bail money? Or do you just hate douchey frat boys who support Mitt Romney?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, head to Churchill's Pub this Tuesday for the Occupy Miami Fundraiser. Together with Shallow Grave, Ness, Samsara, Seku Grey, Jen and the Urban Box, and Atajas, the Autonomous Playhouse will help raise money to benefit the local Occupy movement.

From the mission statement: "Occupy Miami is not against the rich. We are against the rich being disproportionately catered to by politicians who are bought off before they're ever elected, through large campaign contributions. We are against there being two separate sets of rules — one set for the wealthy and powerful, and a different set for the rest of us."

In a nutshell, occupiers want more financial-industry regulations and less political corruption. To achieve those goals, however, they need funds for "pure activism, not paying for people's food," according to one of the fundraiser's co-organizers.

So swing by Churchill's after work and support Occupy Miami by sparing a few bucks. Stop penny-pinching, you 1-percenter.

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