Obama Salutes Jay-Z at Made in America Fest: "He Worked Hard and Plain Refused to Quit"

President Obama has way more than 99 problems. But trying to cop a sick musical endorsement ain't one.

While Mitt Romney and the Republicans flooded Tampa with whatever the fuck a Welsh cake is and refused to give awesome people high fives, President Obama made a totally hip appearance at his homeboy Jay-Z's Made in America music festival.

We already knew Obeezy was a down-ass gangsta who rolled through the hood bumpin' Young Jeezy. But now we know the Commander-in-Chief has ties to the throne. That shit cray.

It was Saturday, the first day of Jay-Z's monster of a festival, and Hova had just finished working through "Public Service Announcement," when the face of American government suddenly appeared on the jumbotron to deliver a pre-recorded speech.

Check the video at about the five-minute mark.

"To me, the idea of America is that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, you can make it if you try," Obeezy's giant head said, addressing the clamoring masses. "Jay-Z did. He didn't come from power or privilege. He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes, and just plain refused to quit. That's what 'Made in America' means."

Then the Prez urged the audience to get out there, register, and vote come November, no matter what their politics, before turning the show back over to Jay.

Hova gave a "shout out to the President" before ripping into a rousing rendition of "H to the Izzo," thus concluding the coolest presidential concert cameo ever.

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