Notorious Nastie and Buffalo Present: Collision Music and Art Festival

Saturday's multimedia, multigenre Collision Music and Art Festival is the sort of locals-only, wildly scattered affair that could only come from the bowels of infamous local promoter "Notorious Nastie" Shahoulian. Good thing, because although he's been maintaining his weekly Switch event and designing a few one-off shows, it's been a little too long since the last full-on Nastie extravaganza. This one (probably) won't feature any zombies or fake blood, but what it does have is tons of different artists of every stripe, many lured in by the event's copromoter, local musician Buffalo Brown. Says Nastie, very much in character: "Me and Buffalo make a great team — he knows how to make great music, and I sure know how to exploit it."

As far as that great music, there will be two stages. The PS14 patio will see mostly solo, acoustic-heavy performances from the likes of Nacho, Gato Xango, Renovatio, and Erica Sommer. Inside, the main stage will be hosted by beloved Cuci, Björk-esque frontwoman for Afrobeta. It features performances by one-man reggae dynamo Fitzroy (backed this time by Out of the Anonymous), tropi-psych heroes Down Home Southernaires, and indietronic, husband-and-wife-founded Mod'Lone. Local artist LEBO will also, uh, perform a live painting tribute to John Coltrane; members of Elastic Bond, Monkey Village, and Agape will spin the positive grooves; vendors will sell paintings and jewelry; and members of Shameless Burlesque will shake all that jiggles. Tired just reading this? Save it, and go see Nastie this Saturday — he promises to wear you out.

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