Norma Moreno Talks 2DopeBitches, YesJulz, and Runnin' the Club in the 305

The first thing you should know about Norma Moreno is she loves Chinese food. Tonight, it's lo mein. And after a few bites, it's evident Norma is not rocking her gold fangs.

"I guess I'm not into wearing them as much as I used to," she says. "They're kind of annoying too. I can't eat with them and stuff. I got over it."

The fangs had become Moreno's trademark, garnering fascination and helping to distinguish her as she builds the Norma Now brand.

Over the last year, this dope bitch has successfully curated and hosted some of Miami's best parties, from Peachfuzz to Trap Paradise and the Best Day Ever pool parties. So recently, Moreno hung out with Crossfade to talk about her friendship with fellow 2DopeBitch Aja, working with YesJulz, and the meaning of "trap."

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Lee Castro