No Meat at Moz: What to Leave Home When Going to Other Concerts

We all know that meat is murder thanks to both the nature of what meat actually is (you know, dead animal flesh) and the vegetarian wails of sad pop king Morrissey.

But now the quirky musical god has hit new levels of dietary restriction. As The Daily Mirror explains, "Stunned fans had their bags searched at his latest gig to make sure they did not have any meat products with them." Apparently, being pelted with sausages again doesn't appeal to the Moz.

In response, Crossfade has put together a list of things you really shouldn't bring to certain musicians' shows.

Don't bring clippers to Britney's show
We all remember Britney's days as a baldy. No one need tempt the pop star again with the buzz of shiny clippers. It would though be cool to see Spears with a fade.

Don't bring Adderall to the Sade concert
Plan on taking a little snooze or just kicking back and relaxing to the smooth jazzy pop of Sade. Snorting a stimulant would certainly destroy the chill mood. 

Don't bring a one-boobed bra to Janet Jackson's gig
Seriously. Ms. Jackson doesn't need to be reminded of that shameful incident with Justin Timberlake. Don't try to show off by recreating the exposure of their Super Bowl nightmare. 

Don't bring your J Crew plaid button-down, chinos or varsity jacket to see Lady Gaga
This goes for straight men only. If you're gay, you can probably work this preppy look amidst the spikes and fake blood. Lady Gaga loves her fans a little too much, but not sure if her fans will love you looking like the guy that kicked their ass after band practice last night. 

Don't bring that Basquiat you bought off Lars Ulrich to the Metallica show
We all know that anyone would want their $12 million Basquiat signed by the drummer, but he's busy being angry about you downloading Master of Puppets illegally off the web. Let it go. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.