No, I'm Not Flo Rida, and Don't Text Me Again

Remember a few weeks back when Flo Rida gave out his cell number during a CNN interview? His number is 305-528-2786. You'd have to be NASA to crack the code from this number to mine -- or you'd have to be two adolescent fans of the head-spinning MC.

Unknown texter (8:15 p.m.): Hey is this flo rider

Michelle C. (9:08): Only on Wednesdays -- sadly, you just missed it. Who is this?

UT (9:11): Only on Wednesdays [what]

MC (9:12): ...am I Flo Rida. You texted me first... Who is this?

UT (9:13): So this is flo rider

MC (9:15): No, it's not, since it's Thursday. If Flo Rida is who u seek, please wait six days to reply...

UT (9:16): [What] r u a person or a computer

UT (9:16): Please dont block my number if ur flo rider i love ur music and so does my [whole] school one day we were shouting ur song the teachers got mad

MC (9:18): This is not Flo Rida. I am not even a fan of Flo Rida. Stay in school, kid.

UT (9:19): How old r u

A call interrupts this -- another unknown number. It's a little girl, who hung up on me after I said my name.

MC (9:20): Please stop texting. And please stop having your little friends call.

UT (9:22): K told them to stop [bye] [sorry] tell flo rider i said hi and start liking his music freak y don't u like it and be his number one fan

Touche. Freak status duly noted.

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