No Fraud's Dan Destructo Reflects on 30 Years of Punk and Influencing Kurt Cobain

Dan Destructo has lived through five decades of punk rock, witnessing its ebb and flow from the skewering environs of Venice Beach, Florida. Now relocated to the Los Angeles area, his long-running outfit No Fraud has proudly released a 17-track collection of some demos recorded in 1984. While Destructo and crew's take on thrashy hardcore was genre-defining in the early '80s, they've seldom strayed from a formula that they helped invent, which has made them paragons of the hardcore scene.

Animated, maniacal, athletic -- Dan is one of the better frontmen in the business. An avid skater, rig climber, amp jumper, and occasional audience member tackler, we here at Crossfade had a chance to discuss the release of the demos, his memories and views of growing up punk rock, East vs. West Coast living, and how No Fraud might have influenced a young Kurt Cobain.

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