Nightlife Review: Psychic Tuesdays at Bella Rose

This past Tuesday, I passed by Takeout Tuesdays at Buck 15 and caught a few extremely pleasant, acoustic numbers from Cleaveland Jones's version of reggae blanc at Shiso. Then my compact and highly efficient questing party and I made our way to Bella Rose for another slice of Psychic Tuesdays.  

When we walked in we couldn't see shit except some dork waving a flashlight from the DJ booth, a poor man's lightscape. The dork turned out to be DJ Healer, who promptly dropped the Cramps' "Human Fly."  He then followed it up with a bunch of bad-ass tracks that were all at once fun, totally danceable, and obscure enough to satisfy both the people who were just going out just to have fun, and the über-haters who can only admit they like the first seven-inch B-side of every band you mention in conversation.  

Both types of people were in attendance, and both types were dancing their asses off.  In my book, it was the best party of the night, although Valkyrie and Elf continued on to Jazid and Louis and I retired after my nebula was blown. Psychic Tuesdays happens every Tuesday at Bella Rose and it's free, bitches! 

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