Nightlife Review: Club Play Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Party with Amber Rose, Mario, Cassie, and More, May 28

Headliner Market Group's Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Party

Hosted by Amber Rose, Allen Iverson, Mario, and Cassie
With Music by DJ Clue and Stevie J.  
Club Play, Miami Beach
Friday, May 28, 2010

Better Than: Staying at home based on stereotypes about Memorial Day Weekend in South Beach. 

First Impression: This was not going to be a party that any random riffraff could get into. The ladies came out in full force with four-inch heels and body-conscious clothing, and the guys made sure their shirts were pressed and cuffed. A few guys risked dress code rejection and had to get approved by a manager before getting in, despite dishing out serious dough to get bottle service.

Naturally Play held the line, and though many had arrived before midnight, cover had already shot up to $40 for general admission and $60 to skip the line (which moved like I-95 north bound during rush hour). Inside, the crowd gradually built up, and by 3 a.m. the club was jam-packed. 

It's safe to say Stevie J and DJ Clue handled the decks well the entire night, sweeping through current hits by the likes of Usher alongside old school favorites like Biggie, also never hesitating to show the South some love. The crowd ate it up, especially when Mario made his grand entrance and cued them to sing along to "Break Up." When "Make it Rain" got its turn, the dollar bill-happy followed directions and continued to do just that throughout the night.

Chris Brown made a surprise appearance despite his party the same night at Karma, and his reception made it very clear that plenty of girls have forgiven his mashing of Rihanna's face. Right after Chris Brown showed, so did Flo Rida, who hung at the DJ booth for a bit. 

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And what of the gals and A.I.? Never saw or heard of Amber Rose, Cassie, or Allen Iverson being in the building (not saying they never made it, just saying I never saw them). Overall, everyone seemed to be there just to have a good time and look good doing it, no harassment, no hissing, no hassles. Memorial Weekend skeptics, do your homework next year, you may miss out on some seriously entertaining parties.

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