Nicki Minaj Orgasms on Film for "Pound the Alarm": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

On the same day that MTV announced its Video Music Awards nominees, Nicki Minaj (who's up for two Moon Men) released a video for her latest single, "Pound the Alarm," on YouTube.

Oh, the irony ... To our knowledge, the four-minute video is only available online, though we're guessing that MTV will eventually tease snippets of the track between episodes of 16 and Pregnant or The Real World.

Until then, however, this is your best option ... So just check out Crossfade's extremely detailed breakdown of Nicki Minaj's "Pound the Alarm" vid.


Trinidad 101: Columbus stumbled onto Trinidad in 1498, and Spanish colonization lasted for about 300 years. Eventually, Trinidad and Tobago obtained its independence from the British Empire in the early 1960s. But the name Port of Spain is a constant reminder of which Europeans were the island's first colonial overlords.


The beauty of Nicki Minaj, with her blond hair and bejeweled bikini top, and the splendor of Trinidad, with its picturesque mountains and crystal blue waters, are neck and neck until...


Nicki goes crazy and shows up in a feathered outfit. Must be some illuminati-type shit. Or it could just be traditional garb. Either way, she's freaking us out.


Like the song, there's not much going on. Some quick cuts of Nicki and the crowd, a little strobe effect. It's got all the making of a summer jam, plain and simple.


With all this fist-pumping and booty-dancing, Port of Spain and Miami should become sister cities. Barbz power!


Can't help but wonder if permits are required for general street party awesomeness in Trinidad.


Nicki may have just had an orgasm on film. Check out her O-face.


Best thing to do after climaxing: Make it rain confetti while jumping up and down.


Those masked dudes on stilts are creepy.


Maybe this gang of fire-breathing blue angels will help ward them off.


Don't think for a minute that those fireworks were CGI. After releasing the video, Nicki tweeted, "And those were REAL fireworks that scared the living daylights out of me! Lmao. I was like "get me down!!!!!"


How do you top fireworks? Totally impossible. So you fade to black.

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