New York Dolls to Play Culture Room on June 10

The protopunk glamazons the New York Dolls, or what's left of them, will be playing the Culture Room on June 10. Guitarist Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan died in the 1990s, but archival material surfaced, Urban Outfitters made some T-shirts, and whad - da - ya - know, the New York Dolls found a new fanbase in the hipster community. Joking aside, these guys were an integral force behind the punk movement of the late 1970s and '1980s. Former Smiths vocalist and long-time Dolls fan Morrissey -- he was also the head of the band's British fan club in the 1970s -- organized a reunion between the remaining three members David Johansen, Arthur Kane, and Syl Sylvain in 2004. Kane died of leukemia weeks after the show, but the remaining members have been touring as The Dolls fairly regularly ever since. Even if you've never heard the band's music, the group's androgynous, lipstick-toting, spike-heeled past should intrigue you enough to check them out at least once.

Details aren't posted on Culture Room's site yet, but come back to Crossfade for details.

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