New WLRN ArtStreet Segment on Honor Roll Music

Thanks to an infusion of younger blood (namely in the form of new and youthful producer Andrew Hevia), WLRN TV is getting on board the newfangled YouTube thing and putting some of its programming online. Yay. So if you missed its original air date earlier this week, check out this segment from the locally oriented show ArtStreet. The focus here is Honor Roll Music, and the story paints founders Nick Scapa and J. Read Fasse as the svengalis of a sort of modern-day Brill Building, updated with a super-contemporary licensing strategy.

A random surprise comes early, at 0:34, when we learn Honor Roll musicians were responsible for making one of those Geico neanderthals dance. Hey, it helps them get paid and work on their "real" music, which is a pretty smart music business model in 2k9. It also must be said that Honor Roll HQ has some pretty spiffy interior design.

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