New Video and Local Album Review From Jill Hartmann

Fernando Perdomo is not only one of South Florida's most prolific musicians and producers, he also now operates what is arguably becoming our most impressive local label. This summer, his imprint, Forward Motion has unveiled a stunning array of new releases well worth exploring. This week on Crossfade, we'll be taking a look at six new releases from the label.

Jill Hartmann
Things I Want To Remember (Forward Motion)

With a voice as pliable as molasses, Jill Hartmann coos with a subdued sensuality that makes even her most unadorned offerings sound daringly seductive. The album finds her veering from playful to plaintive, wrapping the arrangements in a shimmering sheen of dreamy harmonies and drifting tempos.

As befits its title, Things I Want To Remember comes across as both effortless and expressive, a languid collection of soothing lullabies that are occasionally spunky ("Reciprocate") and always alluring ("The Shepherd," "This Love").

Granted, Hartmann demands a closer listen, given her inward gaze and low-lit expressions of desire. Regardless, it's the sheer, beguiling beauty of songs like "Northern Bird" and "Love Machine" that makes Things I Want To Remember nothing less than unforgettable.

Check out the new video for Hartmann's song "The Shepherd" below, which she herself also animated.

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