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New Must-Read Web Site For Florida Dubsteppers

In a recent Head Spins column here on Crossfade, we marveled at the rise of South Forida dubstep as far out of Miami's epicenter as West Palm Beach. (Props to the Reazin for holding things down at Respectable Street and Propaganda). Here's more proof the low-end sound is sweeping the state as a whole: a new(ish) site whose URL is self-explanatory,

In case you're wondering what our neighbors to the north are up to, the answer is, surprisingly lots. Recent posts have detailed the lineup for the jam-band/dubstep crossover La Viance Music Festival in Central Florida, and a roundup of the Sunshine State dubstep-devoted record labels

Of more practical importance, the site's also got the details on some underground WMC parties that, while not exclusively dubstep, are still all about the bass. Click here for info on a couple. One features drum 'n' bass alum John B, at Twelve Lounge, and a Smog Vs. Basshead party at White Room featuring the likes of Plastician, Otto von Schirach, and Drop the Lime.

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Arielle Castillo
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