Tigermilk Parties at Las Rosas Bring Britpop Back to Miami

Tigermilk Parties at Las Rosas Bring Britpop Back to Miami
Courtesy of Las Rosas
Ignoring historical ties, the Brits have held a form of dominion over American ears since the first twang of Beatlemania in the spring of ’64. You can pencil in any of the heavy-hitters of Cool Britannia and find some rabid fan base for British acts in the following decades. Beyond America at large, Britpop has always had a home in Miami — the Beatles, in fact, flew back to the USSR on a British Overseas Airways Corporation plane departing from the Magic City.

“Miami used to have so many great, long-running Britpop and indie parties like Revolver, Poplife, Spiderpussy, the Vagabond, etc., and I really miss that element in our ‘Magic City,’” Josef Pizarro says of Tigermilk, his new monthly Britpop party at Las Rosas. “I am putting Britpop on the forefront because I want to make sure that the genre is not forgotten. I also got annoyed hearing everyone complain about how they missed 'the old days' and that there isn't much to do in Miami anymore if you want to go out and dance.”

Pizarro recently returned to the 305 after spending the past handful of years living in New York City enjoying an active and popular Britpop-oriented nightlife he found lacking in Miami. Naming his party after the Belle & Sebastian album — and fully aware of the "leche de tigre" jokes it might prompt — Pizarro will launch it Friday, January 26, and the parties will continue the second Saturday of each month beginning in February. Banking on friendship and an equality of vision, Pizarro has booked long-running Miami DJs Ray Milian and Tommy Gunn as the house crew.
A throwback to the '90s Britpop scene, Tigermilk is certainly targeting a specific, older crowd of partiers in their late 30s to mid-40s, but Pizarro is quick to say, “Tigermilk is for everyone, but if our patrons were too young to experience Miami nightlife in the year 2000 — Pulp reference intended — well, then, here you go.”

Nashville’s Twen, St. Augustine’s Reels, and Miami's Fat Sun and Dénudés will perform at Tigermilk's debut next week, and Pizarro promises more bands and guest DJs in the future. More important, after a handful of years away from South Florida, he just wants to have fun. It’s Allapattah’s turn now to be the hip nightlife destination, and Pizarro is more than happy to do something other than complain about the current state of Wynwood and South Beach.

“I want to bring back a fun, don’t-take-yourself-too-serious vibe to Miami. Leave the egos at the door, please, and just dance your fucking asses off.”

Tigermilk. 9 p.m. Friday, January 26, at Las Rosas, 2898 NW 7th Ave., Miami.; 786-780-2700; Admission is free.
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