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New Batch of $40 Crystal Castles Tickets Available, and No Age Does a Remix of Their Song "Baptism"

We all freaked out when we heard tickets for Saturday's Crystal Castles show at Grand Central sold out everywhere. But alas, our prayers have been answered. A new batch of $40 tickets have been made available for purchase.

Only about 200 of them were released, so once those are gone, there won't be anymore. Seriously. If those sell out, you won't be able to get any at the door, either.

The sudden price change shouldn't come as that big of a surprise, seeing as how the band is known for their spontaneous, let-completely-loose performances, right?

While the higher price point kind of sucks, we'd be willing to pay it

just to get a glimpse of Alice Glass' trademark head-first nose dives

into the crowd, in the hopes that she'll leave us with a shiny souvenir to commemorate their trip down south.

In other Crystal Castles news, LA indie rockers No Age have released their very own remix of "Baptism." A grungier, more lo-fi version of the original, it's a great mix of two bands that are pretty out there and on opposite ends of the spectrum. Have a listen on Pitchfork, and let us know what you think.

Crystal Castles will perform at Grand Central this Saturday, September 11. Tickets are now $40, plus fees via, while they last.

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Christine Borges