Neil Young Swears Off Reefer! Top Ten Musical Potheads Who Came to Abstain

In the lead up to the release of his autobiography, Neil Young sat down with the New York Times Magazine for a meaty, tell-all interview.

Our favorite morsel? According to the rock 'n' roll legend, he's quit smoking marijuana once and for all!

Neil isn't the first celebrity musician to give up the bubonic chronic. In fact, there's a long history of weed-lovin' rockers, rappers, and everyone in between who've vowed to never again pack a chillum, bowl, or reverse-gravity bong. With varying degrees of success.

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10. Foster the People's Mark Foster

The frontman for FTP reconsidered his THC intake after meeting the Da Vinci of weed smoking himself: Snoop Doggy Dogg. Foster had actually put down the pipe three days before meeting Mr. Dee Oh Double Gee, and he was considering falling off the wagon for a chance to blaze with the Highest Man Alive. What did Snoop have to say on the matter? "Y'know what, brother: sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your shit."

9. Kid Cudi

Last April, the once self-described "lonely stoner" proclaimed his newfound marijuana-less existence to an audience at Vanderbilt College. The emo-synth R&B crooner and Kanye West protégé explained that before he quit he was "the motherfucker who was doing that shit all the time, recreationally, every day, wake up, needed it, all those things."

8. George Michael

All it took for '80s pop sensation George Michael to quit smoking pot was falling into a coma for three weeks and then wake up with a West Country accent.

7. Andre 3000

As Andre Benjamin explained to The Guardian back in 2003, the MC and freaky-deaky half of OutKast swore off controlled substances because even when he is stone cold sober, he is still cooler than cool. Andre 3000 is ice cold.

6. Cee Lo Green

The former Goodee Mobb rapper gave up the sweet leaf after a bad case of the thinks. Don't fear the reaper, mannnnn!

5. Travis Barker
Blink 182's beloved drummer broke his bong in half after being diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus.

4. Method Man

What business does Method Man have deciding he will no longer partake in the ritual inhalation of cannabis smoke and/or vapor? That would be like if Bukowski stopped drinking. Or R. Kelly stopped peeing on underage girls. And how can Meth keep a straight face when he busts into, "I got fat bags of skunk/I got white owl blunts/and I'm about to go get lifted."

3. Earth's Dylan Carlson

Americana drone maestro Dylan Carlson invented the modern conception of non-blues based stoner metal. Which is practically, like, inventing a new strain of kind bud. So even though this West Coast psychedelic sludge phenom has been sober for a minute, he'll always be an honorary toker in our book.

2. Paul McCartney

We're a little skeptical that Paul McCartney was still smoking weed until a few months ago. It seems like a front to make the near-septuagenarian reclaim a little bit of that Sgt. Pepper's edge. No way this guy doesn't take one hit off the blunt and fall face first into a mountain of munchies.

1. Snoop Dogg Lion

Jah Lion is our number one musical pothead that came to abstain because, like most reefer maniacs who attempt to give up ganja, Snoop's self-regulation lasted all of about five minutes.

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