Need A Job? Ricochet Lounge Opening in Midtown, Now Hiring

Attention: job seekers

There's a new nightlife venue opening in Midtown. It's called Ricochet Bar and Lounge, and it's now hiring bartenders, servers, waitresses and busboys. Unemployed people and other interested parties should email HR@taient.com.

We called Alan Roth from TAI Entertainment to see what he had to say about the venture, but he was too busy "in construction" to say anything. We're not sure when the place will actually open.

In any case, the official Ricochet website describes the joint as "an Art & Music Centric Bar/Lounge" at 3250 NE First Ave #122B that'll be "a gathering place for those who love to create Art and for those who love to admire it."

Plus, "Ricochet will also transform itself from time to time into a vibrant Music venue featuring some of the biggest names in the industry and those on the cusp of breaking into it."

And there are also promises of "cultural experience[s]," "creative cocktail[s]," and a "'small bites' menu created by celebrated chef Kris Wessel."

Sounds swanky, right? Now go get a freaking job.

Call 305-673-3873 or visit ricochetlounge.com.

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