My Favorite Robot is Voytek Korab (left) and Jared Simms.EXPAND
My Favorite Robot is Voytek Korab (left) and Jared Simms.
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It Was a Bad Year for the Canadiens, but a Good Year for My Favorite Robot

If misery inspires art, Voytek Korab’s beloved Montreal Canadiens hockey club is a creative spark. The Canadiens and their NHL-leading 24 Stanley Cups are a proud franchise, but they really sucked this season. Korab didn’t take it well.

“Never seen this before, but the city of Montreal gave up on the team. It’s miserable days around here with the NHL Playoffs happening and we’re not involved,” Korab says.

On the other hand, his indie electronic music duo My Favorite Robot is kicking ass. This year, Korab and bandmate Jared Simms are celebrating a decade of touring and running their label, My Favorite Robot Records. The 10 Years of My Favorite Robot Tour began with an 8 a.m.-to-noon set at Kater Blau nightclub in Berlin February 2. Next was Hive nightclub in Zurich, then Lebanon, and most recently a few stops in Mexico. They randomly heard their music on the street while on a walk in Guadalajara. It was a small win.

My Favorite Robot is set to visit Miami April 28 on a tour stop at Cafeina Wynwood. The duo does not post DJ sets online, so live and in person is the only way to experience the show. The party is a Secret Garden Experience, which means it’ll be loaded with multisensory extras. There will be unique art installations, delightful details, and plenty of unique photo opportunities. Secret Garden parties are designed to be Instagram- and Snapchat-friendly, with an emphasis on increased fun that meshes well with the performing musicians.

My Favorite Robot arrives with new music. They released their LP Pink Horror a few weeks ago, and the single "Mild Peril" is slated to release May 4. Forever humble, the Canadian duo is quick to deflect and name Frenchman Ivan Smagghe the MVP on the tour. They will play eight shows with Smagghe this year.

“We’ve looked up to Ivan for some time, and it’s interesting, but he’s exactly like I thought he would be. Through his music, I felt like I knew him, and I was right, but it’s been incredible to tour with a guy we respect and have a laugh,” he adds.

Korab describes the My Favorite Robot sound as techno electro meets Sonic Youth and Depeche Mode. The reoccurring theme is humility and self-realization. Their name, My Favorite Robot, was created during an afternoon brainstorming session. The goal was to come up with something playful and quirky. 

The two make music for the right reasons: because they love it. They're just a couple of musicians working for the sole purpose of producing quality tunes, performing around the world because they want to help people have a good time. Meet My Favorite Robot.

My Favorite Robot. 11 p.m. Saturday, April 28, at Cafeina Wynwood, 297 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-438-0792; cafeinamiami.com. Tickets cost $10 via eventbrite.com.

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