MTV's Hottest MC's List Gives Florida Props

2008 Keeps on getting better for Rick Ross.

MTV recently dropped their "Hottest MC's in the Game" list and it's already causing a stir. There are a few questionable picks on the list and I'm not sure if I agree with any of it based on the order.

If you didn't see the list, here's a link which has some interesting selections.

Based off of 2008 alone the list reads:

1) Kanye West

2) Jay-Z

3) Lil Wayne

4) Rick Ross

5) Snoop

6) 50 Cent

7) Lupe Fiasco

8) Young Jeezy

9) Andre 3000

10) T.I.

Hold up! T.I. has spent most of this year in jail and under house arrest. Even though he's at the bottom of the list, T.I. is definitely not having a better 2008 than Lil Boosie. Give me a break.

And putting Kanye above Jay-Z is questionable as well. I'm all for the student surpassing the teacher, but this is worth debating. I saw both of their shows here in Miami recently like a lot of readers and I'm curious to see who you think put on a better show? That might solve it right there.

If all of that wasn't enough drama, now there's a second list full of the runner ups that MTV just released this morning. It gives more love to Florida MC's which is a good thing. Hell, if you count Lil Wayne, there's two Florida-based cats on the top ten list alone now. The runner up pile includes Flo Rida and Plies...(both of which are having strong 2008's though they're rather weak as MCs).

Even part-time Florida resident Fat Joe is on the list. All in all, the Basement State represented quite nicely.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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