MTV Tr3s Revives the Unplugged Series in Miami Tonight With Mexican Rockers Camila

MTV Tr3s, the network juggernaut's bilingual English-Spanish channel, is relaunching on July 12. It's dropping the "MTV" from its name, instead going with the moniker "Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas." It may not have the same punchy ring as before, but Tr3s is definitely making a new entrance in style.

Continuing in the near 20-year tradition of another MTV branding effort, the Unplugged series, tonight Tr3s films its own inaugural addition to the franchise right here in the Magic City -- South Beach, to be precise. Performing are the Mexican pop/soft rock sensations Camila.

Camila boasts an overnight success story that's lasted. The Mexican trio's debut 2006 release, Todo Cambio, seemed to come out of nowhere, landing the band on radio airplay charts, though quietly at first. But soon enough, the first single, "Abrazame," became firmly rooted atop pop charts, where it refused to relinquish its spot for months.&

A staggering six more singles followed, all receiving heavy airplay and drawing an ever-increasing fanbase.

Camila dropped its follow-up effort, Dejarte de Amar, earlier this year, and is already on single number two, "Alejate de Mi." Each song features the slick, smooth, carefully interwoven duo vocal stylings and solid songwriting that previously made the band such a hit with fans.

Camila Unplugged, though Tr3s' first contribution to the franchise, follows in the very successful footsteps of MTV Latin America, another MTV channel which has taped numerous memorable performances here in Miami. That series of tapings spawned a number of very successful records, beginning with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in 1994, and including, among others, Shakira Unplugged, Ricky Martin Unplugged, and most recently, Julieta Venegas Unplugged.

The special tapes tonight at the Paris Theatre on Washington Avenue in South Beach. Unfortunately you can't get in without an invite. You can, however, wait anxiously for the show's digital premier on Tr3s.com on July 12. The program will then air on actual TV on Tr3s and MTV Latin America in August.

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