MSTRKRFT and N.O.R.E. "Bounce" Back Together

While MSTRKRFT was everywhere, again, this Winter Music Conference, a lot of the talk was about when they'd finally release some new material. (The duo's last full album, The Looks, dropped in 2006).

Similarly quiet in recent years, although not, um, really discussed at Winter Music Conference, is rapper N.O.R.E. Mercifully, he dropped the whole reggaeton thing and last year hooked up with local clique Crazy Hood (Garcia, DJ EFN, etc.) and appeared on Garcia's last album, Life Unscripted. But much more new material is still forthcoming.

Well, fans of both acts (do they overlap, Venn Diagram-style, much?) now have this little nugget to tide them over.

MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E. - "Bounce"

Really. Dig it! It's a welcome shot of vocals and hip-hop swagger for MSTRKRFT, and a really left-field, unexpected move for N.O.R.E. Here's to experimentation.

Download it for free courtesy of RCRD LBL, a new online-only, TOTALLY FREE label featuring hot-stuff artists from A-Trak, to Battles, to Beach House, even Moby. It's supported by ads and click-throughs, soooo get clicking and enjoy. -- Arielle Castillo

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