Mr. Pauer's "Cumbión Del Sur" Is the iTunes Single of the Week

Maybe you know him as Mr. Pauer. Or maybe you know him as Toto Gonzalez. But you definitely know him for getting parties started all over town.

For years, Toto has been doing way more than his fair share for Miami's lovers of Latino and international culture. And now you'll now him as the producer of "Cumbion del Sur," iTunes' Single of the Week.

Gonzalez clearly likes to keep busy.

Aside from being a well-known DJ, producer and party promoter, he also founded Fabrika, a site dedicated to world music and Latino culture that you'll frequently find tied to cool events. But music remains his passion, and you can catch him around town often.

"Cumbión Del Sur" is his latest offering, a track featuring none other than Itagui Correa, frontman for Locos Por Juana and Afro-Kumbé. A prime example of Mr. Pauer's signature electrópico sound, "Cumbion" melds electronica with Latin rhythms to form an infectiously danceable blend.

And any time between now and next Tuesday, you can get yourself a copy free. iTunes Latino and iTunes Mexico is offering the MP3 for free download through May 31. Just head on over here and grab your copy.

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