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Mr. Pauer Heads to New York for LAMC and Summer Stage

You know Toto Gonzalez (AKA Mr. Pauer) from around town. He's not so much a local music act as an institution.

A DJ, producer, party promoter and founder of Latin music and lifestyle website Fabrika, Mr. Pauer has played a big role in helping to bridge the gap between our city's cultural sensibilities and indie/alternative Latin entertainment.

But he's also no stranger to out-of-town scenes, like the upcoming Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.

"I have been invited [to LAMC] in past years," Gonzalez says. "But this year is special."

Aside from two performances, Toto's also going to be participating in the conference as a panelist, discussing "the digital era in music, and how to monetize with top guys from Youtube, Twitter, Terra, IODA, etc."

But that panel isn't all that will make 2011 a memorable year at LAMC for Mr. Pauer. One of his two booked gigs also takes place at the biggest stage in the conference, Summer Stage in Central Park, which is, in essence, the main event.

"This is a concert I've been waiting for," he admits. "It is the biggest and most
important presentation for Mr. Pauer as of today, and it is a massive free concert that people wait for every summer in NYC."

This success is the culmination of tireless efforts and hard work by Gonzalez. "I released my album Soundtrack in February. And it has been a nonstop tour since then, taking me to different cities in Colombia, Venezuela, and the East coast including Atlanta, Philly, DC, and New York. I am very happy with all the results from this album, which got me iTunes Song of The Week both in USA and Mexico, KCRW's Today's Top Tune, and a five-minute interview on PRI's The World, talking to more than 18 million listeners."

And of this latest stop in a whirlwind year for Mr. Paur, Gonzalez says: "This is the only music conference dedicated to Latin alternative and it has been happening for more than 10 years. It has helped grow the Latin indie industry in the USA."

Way beyond a gig, LAMC represents a giant step in Toto's mission to bring his signature electrópico style to the masses.

Mr. Pauer is performing in NY for LAMC on Wednesday, July 6 at Central Park Summer Stage and Saturday, July 9 at Bembe. He participates in the @Digital: Engaging Your Audience and Monetizing Music panel on Thursday, July 7.

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