Mr. Entertainment Talks Book of Guinnesses and "Punk Rock 'Diarrhea'"

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If you like songs about cocaine, marijuana, liquor stores, tropical diseases, and booty shaking, then Last Testament: Book of Guinnesses by Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers is the rock album for you.

Making fun of life and politics since 1999, these South Florida miscreants are louder than ever, with a full-length 12-inch vinyl record coming out in 2015 on their own label.

They're also playing this Friday at Churchill's Pub, paying tribute to the life of the late Dan Hosker and raising money for spinal injury survivor Priya Ray from Kreamy 'Lectric Santa.

Here's what Mr. Entertainment had to say about independent records, stoner creations, and diarrhea.

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Crossfade: Hey, that Last Testament: Book of Guinnesses album is great. You're putting the whole thing out on vinyl?

Steven Toth: Yeah, I'm working on getting the records pressed up now. But these days it takes three or four months to get the order back. That's how backed up they are. I'm going through United in Nashville. They been making records 50 years. There's also a record plant that's dormant in Plantation. They're supposed to be getting back up and running in the next year. They filmed some of the Deep City documentary there three or four years ago. It would be awesome if we had that place back open here to make records locally again.

How'd you get the album title?

First you have the Old Testament, then you have the New Testament, now you have the Last Testament.

What's the history of the band?

Basically, we've been going by this name since 1999. This will be our fifth record. But really, what I'd like to talk about is the show this Friday, which is for Dan Hosker and raising some money for Priya from Kreamy Lectric Santa. We're just a little part of this whole thing.

Go for it.

Dan, who we're having this event for passed away a couple of years ago in a tragic car accident. He played in Holy Terrors, Harry Pussy, and many, many other bands down here. Most recently, he was in Boise Bob and His Backyard Band. He was a very good friend of mine and very inspirational to making people listen to music beyond their comfort zones. He was not only into Holy Terrors music. He very much experiemented with music. Priya is the co-founder of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa. She inspired us all in the '90s. She's been in a wheelchair since 1999 and we're raising money to get her a handicapped-accessible van.

Why you doing it?

I've been inovlved with these people over 20 years. I'm friends with Dan's father and sister, and we don't want him to be forgotten. This is a way to continue in his spirit.

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What do you do in the band?

I'm Mr. Entertainment. The lead singer and songwriter.

How'd you come up with that "Booty Bass"?

We have a strange cast of characters in my band, and "Booty Bass" was us just fuckin' around during practice trying to make a combination of 2 Live Crew and Blowfly. A stoner creation at band practice.

How'd that "Cocaleros" come about?

"Cocaleros" is fuckin' awesome. Just me trying to be like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor.

Ever made a hit record?

Our biggest hit is a punk rock version of "Diarrhea." Every once in a while, some middle schooler or something will find it online, and in three months, I get a check for $50. The lyrics are like, "Some people think it's funny, but it's really green and runny, diarrhea, diarrhea!" I didn't write the words, but every kid was singing that in elementary school in the '70s.

What's got you doing vinyl?

In the late '90s, nobody would buy your record. Now, nobody will buy your CD.

This will be your first full-length record?

Yeah, been doing this 20 years and never made a 12-inch. This is something that will even make my mom proud. And unlike a CD, you can actually read it. People are gonna say, "Holy shit, I can actually read the song titles on this big motherfucker."

Where'd you record?

A lot of it we did at home ourselves. We recorded the last three songs with Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studio. He's got such an arsenal of instruments, like a vibraharp and a Hammond organ. It was awesome.

You have a publishing company to exploit your music? You could get this shit on Netflix.

I'm too old to go drive around and do all that touring shit. If we can get a million listeners to listen from home, that's sort of how I'd like to do it.

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Dan Hosker Music Continuum. A celebration of the late Dan Hosker, with all door proceeds helping Kreamy 'Lectric Santa's Priya Ray get a handicapped-accessible van. Performances by Charlie Pickett, Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers, Humbert, Jacuzzi Boys, and others. Friday, December 19. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. and admission is a minimum $7 donation. Ages 18 and up. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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