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MP3: New Dead Prez Track "This Is Life," Produced by Miami Beat Wave

It's still bigger than hip-hop for Dead Prez. Just listen to their new Miami Beat Wave produced track "This Is Life," with lyrics like, "In your chromosomes, buried in your DNA, is somebody that's waiting to get free today. Either man up or you could take the easy way, ain't nobody promised tomorrow, that's why you gotta live life."

Miami Beat Wave, the three-man team behind the track, met as students at Full Sail in Orlando. Over the past few years they've built up a catalog of productions for artists like Mayday!, Dynas, Omniscient, Ghostwridah, Rass Kass, Scotty Boi, and Rick Ross.

Besides this new track, their studio recently recorded and mixed the DJ Drama and Dead Prez mixtape Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz. They also boast production credit on the new Ghostwridah In Love With My Future LP, and for the Nintendo DS videogame Miami Law.

Add to all that one of the most well-thought-out multimedia strategies and web site networks we've seen from an independent label, and Miami Beat Wave is clearly a team to look out for.

Download: Dead Prez - "This Is Life"

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Jacob Katel
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