MP3: J. NiC$ - "Show You The Way"

J. Nic$ (pronounced jay-nix) has steadily been climbing the ranks of transitioning between being a emerging artist to becoming known as an established one. With a strong foundation, he's poised to build a heavy presence in the hip-hop game in the near future. And with his new EP, The Stimulus Package - he's motivated to use that as further proof that he's one of the best doing it.

The Stimulus Package album comes as the most recent release from J. Nic$ since releasing his acclaimed Dirty Sneakers mixtape back in December of 2009, which was a previous Mixtape Of The Week feature. It seems that Dirty Sneakers was a collection of songs that represented J. Nic$ and his life from childhood up until shortly before his release. While The Stimulus Package will seemingly be tailored around the J. Nics of today, the present.

The latest offering from Stimulus Package is the ultra slow paced "Show You The Way". The almost dream-sequence-like beat, courtesy of producer Rem, provides the perfect backdrop for J. Nic$ to aim his words to those younger than him. It's a record to literally speak to his younger listeners with a "do and don't do" preface through the versus. And with lines like, "A spade's a spade, don't bring your hearts in the club / keep jacks away from queens and be a king for her"; you can definitely see the wordplay that J. Nic$ likes to throw in occasionally.

While The Stimulus Package will most likely be compiled of the best work that J. Nic$ has recorded thus far, its being promoted as a six song EP. While short is sometimes sweet, in this instance it may not be that great of a selling point as a few of the songs from The Stimulus Package have already been released and unleashed. So that may not leave too much of a surprise as far as what the listener should expect. Nevertheless, you can listen to "Show You The Way" below...

Download: J. NiC$ - Show You The Way

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