Motown Brunch Brought Soul and Quiche to the Design District

Motown and brunch, together, are the perfect elixirs for any Sunday morning hangover or soul sickness.

Leonardo Valencia revived a musical brunch this weekend, which he started years back in Brooklyn when he had both money and cooking skills, and his friends didn't. And yesterday, along with Patti Hernandez and Kathryn Marks, he fed hungry music lovers at the end/SPRING BREAK's gallery space in the Design District.

It had the vibe of of a friendly, post-church gathering. George Owen took on the task of providing the best of Motown, while people munched away to the sounds of The Supremes. "Motown paved the way for modern music," he said, "It was real. The artists touched on subjects others wouldn't dare speak about. There was no lying in it... It was rebel music." At Sunday brunch, that rebellion was as delicious, melodic, and chill as the mimosas.

​The quiche was divine, especially the onion and bacon. Perfectly salty with a touch of sweetness, improved only by the tunes.

​Lured in by the sweet, young voice of Michael Jackson and the promise of brie and cupcakes, everyone was all smiles.

George Owen took his job as DJ very seriously.

It looks like an egg in a champagne glass, but it's yogurt and mango puree. Brilliant, right?

Music and chow brining people together. It's a beautiful thing.

The chef, almost dancing his way from table to table.

The delicious meal finished with a short film "The Motown Effect." Look at these people getting a taste of culture.

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