It's really threatening, this thing Motor has done on Klunk. Producer Bryan Black and drummer Mr. No (who have also recorded under Xlover) follow their singles with a torrent of buzz-saw synth-blasted floor missiles on their debut full-length. Klunk's industrial-tinged, uniformity-defying techno loads up on monstrous vocalizing and rumbling, unfriendly swirls ("Yak") as well as monotonous noise manipulation ("Sweatbox"), so tempos don't mean squat. Mind-benders like "Spazm" have no regard for anyone trying to find a danceable hook, with its spreading drone that sputters incessantly before halting the beat and contorting into a blood-curdling, high-frequency screech. Klunk seeks out normal pleasantries and chokes them to death. Repeatedly.

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Dominic Umile