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Crossing the line isn't always a difficult task when you're a 'shock jock' personality hosting a morning radio show, who garnered a following by being crude, rude and all things beyond.

But two of the most successful at the craft agree there's tasteful and then there's tasteless, while defending what they do for a living.

"Man, we get pounded on a lot for our stuff but I can honestly say, we've never crossed that ‘line,’" said Univision Radio's Enrique Santos, who along with Joe Ferraro host a morning show on 98.3 FM in Miami, during the “Morning Radio in the Post-Imus Era” panel at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Hollywood, FL.

"The perception is Joe and I make a living ridiculing people and tearing them to sheds, but all we do is say and express what thousands of people out there are thinking."

Santos and Ferraro defended their positioning even further by saying they're responsible for setting off a copy cat frenzy in the radio industry, especially in Miami.

"Everybody wants to bash Enrique and Joe, but just go around the radio [dial] and you'll see that everybody is trying to equal what Enrique and Joe are doing," adds Ferraro.

Whether it’s a prank call to Fidel Castro in Cuba or to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Santos and Ferraro argue that their work in done in 'good taste'.

"We never set out to hurt anybody in anyway," Santos says. "We're true radio professionals." -- Fernando Ruano Jr.

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