More 305 Hip-Hop: B.O. from Gunline Entertainment - "What I'm Into"

South Dade gets it in. We've told you a couple times before about Black Flag, B.O., Gunline Entertainment and Goon Muzik. Well Richmond Heights is at it again with their "Hottest Nigga In Da City," B.O., putting out another mixtape.

The song in the above video is called "What I'm Into" with B.O. talking about the usual rap stuff like shoes, clothes, hoes, reefer, liquor, guns, and killing people, but the guy always does it with style, and in this instance also singing his own catchy hook.

At a time when Miami's rap scene is a dominant force in the game, music from the south side of the county is bubbling into the mainstream. Take for instance Naranja's D-Shep getting radio play for his Jay Z remix "Miami State of Mind" and Trick Daddy protege Ice Billion Berg's underground popularity nationwide.

Add to that list B.O. as someone to look out for. Though this party type song doesn't go into it much, the artist's lyricism is stronger than many and his consistent yearly output of new product displays his commitment to the game.

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