Monte Cristoe on 2 Live Crew: "Eminem Can't Walk Through Detroit Like They Do"

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Eminem may be a Grammy-winning rap god, but even he can't walk where 2 Live Crew does in Detroit.

That's according to Monte Cristoe da Horse Trainer from Red Team Entertainment, a life long resident of The D who reps the crew all over the Midwest.

As Fresh Kid Ice, Brother Marquis, and Uncle Luke prepare to take over the world once again, we caught up with Monte Cristoe to find out why Motor City has always been one of their strongest markets. Here's what he had to say about Mike Tyson getting robbed, treacherous streets, and how he got his name.

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New Times: Wasup, Monte Cristoe! Why do they call you that?

Monte Cristoe: They call me that from The Count of Monte Cristo 'cause I be with all these rich people, celebrities, entertainers, football players, and everybody at all the parties. I'm the party guy. Up here in Detroit, they call me the horse trainer.

What's that mean?

I get all the girls and models and strippers and stuff. We call them horses. Girls with big asses. I done all kind of parties from BBWs to midgets too. I done did all the motherfuckers.

What's your history with 2 Live Crew?

When I was coming up, I used to steal their records right out the store. This was in the '80s. I knew 'em all, from front to back. "Get It Girl" was my favorite. Then when they came with that Banned in the U.S.A., that did it.

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When did you start working with 2 Live Crew?

I'm kind of like Luke in Detroit. I do my own shows all over the Midwest, promote my own shows, and perform too. I put together concerts and venues and the whole thing. I had to take over a 2 Live Crew show about five years ago from another promoter and we got real cool and started doing shows. Now I talk to Fresh Kid Ice like once a week.

What's it like doing 2 Live shows?

We always have a wild time. They is 2 Live till they die. They do not play no games. They gets it in for real.

What is the music scene like out there?

We have big parties in Detroit every day of the week. It's a real party town with a lot of uptempo dance music. It's a bass city, and we've had all that techno too since back in the day.

Is it dangerous for out-of-town artists there?

Most artists go straight to their hotel when they come here. It can be real treacherous. Detroit is a no-fly zone. Mike Tyson got robbed here coming out of the strip club. They robbed Queen Latifah like three times. It's kinda fucked up. Even the preachers get robbed here. Last year, they didn't let Rick Ross perform. And when Ace Hood was here, he wouldn't even come off his bus.

What about 2 Live Crew?

Fresh Kid Ice the Chinaman and Brother Marquis are some good brothers. They come right to the hood and walk around and that's why everybody love them. They come into the neighborhood, and in Detroit, that's some big shit. Eminem can't walk around Detroit like 2 Live Crew can. Eminem can't come in the neighborhood. 2 Live Crew are known all over the Earth, but they're humble. They're rock stars, but they come right through this bitch. That's a lot for artists of their caliber to be right there on Seven Mile and Wyoming.

Anything coming up with them?

Yeah, later on this month in Milwaukee, then the Funk Fest with R. Kelly and them.

Any shout outs?

Yeah, Red Team Entertainment.

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