Mixtape Of The Week: Rick Ross & Big Boi - Southernplayalisticmaybachmusic (Mixed by Mick Boogie)

World-renowned DJ Mick Boogie has built a stable collection and archive of past mixtapes that comes second to none. Always taking the road less traveled, it seems, Ohio-born Boogie definitely comes up with great concepts and themes for his own mixtapes.

Enter two of the most anticipated rap releases of the summer. Big Boi will release his solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty, on July 6, and Rick Ross' Teflon Don is set for July 20 -- unless of course "something" happens. 

Now, this where the genius of Mick Boogie comes into play, via his new mash-up mixtape, Southernplayalisticmaybachmusic

It's a good mix of blends, remixes, and mash-ups of various Big Boi tracks with a Rick Ross a capella mixed in there somewhere, and vice-versa. Mick does a great job of mixing and matching, and while it seems that there are no exclusives or original verses on this project, it's still a great display of creativity. 

Sure, there are a couple mash-ups that sound a bit forced, such as the random Big Boi verse at the end of Ross' "Blow," and a verse from Ross' "Hustlin'" set atop Outkast's "GhettoMusick". Otherwise, it's a good mixtape to leave on during your Fourth of July barbecues this weekend. Judge for yourself and download the release below.

Download: Rick Ross & Big Boi - Southernplayalisticmaybachmusic

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