Mixtape of the Week: Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide

Next week, Pitbull will embark on his Mr. Worldwide Carnaval Tour, which is set to make 20-plus stops around the U.S. It's one fewer than was originally planned -- in protest of the Arizona Immigration Bill, he's just canceled a date originally set for May 31 in Phoenix. (Read more about that here). Still, that hasn't stopped Pitbull from going all-out to promote the tour and all of his upcoming projects.

Now, he's teamed up with DJ Noodles and DJ Buddha to release a new mixtape simply titled Mr. Worldwide. The mixtape was released in late April, but has seemingly become the official unofficial mixtape for the upcoming tour.

Mr. Worldwide features a strong collection of new songs, remixes, and rarities from Pitbull's catalog of party-bound musical selections. It also includes a couple tracks from Pitbull's Rebelution studio album released this past August. All in all, this is 25 tracks of Mr. 305 goodness.

The tape is anchored with "Alright", the first single from Pitbull's next English album, Planet Pit, which will come out after his all-Spanish album, Armando, due this summer. Then, sprinkled throughout the tape is Pitbull lending a couple verses to popular top-40 hits like Kesha's "Tik Tok," Beyonce's "Video Phone," and Ludacris' "How Low."

On the rest of the tape (or, really, the majority of it), you have Pitbull being Pitbull over lots of retro-dance influenced beats. These are the same kinds of sonic backdrops that have taken Pitbull from just being known as "Mr. 305" to now being known as "Mr. Worldwide," so it's definitely fitting with his current persona.

However, it wouldn't hurt Pitbull to take it back to the Unleashed mixtape days and give us a couple street records here and there. But the Mr. Worldwide is still a good addition and representation of what Pitbull is doing nowadays as an artist. Download it below.

Download: Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide (Hosted by DJ Noodles & DJ Buddha)
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David "Dro" Rosario

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