Mixtape Of The Week: Phresh James, Just Practice

Phresh James comes through with another release representing his unique smooth cadence that his listeners love him so much for. Backed by his C-9 label and his Legacy Effect management team, the new mixtape is called Just Practice and its as true to a title as one can actually stay. The tape was released two weeks ago on June 29th and has garnered a few thousands downloads - which is great for an independent artist with minimal push. Phresh mentioned that this mixtape is simply what the title states, "We're simply progressing. Its just practice for me."

If you're expecting an album-like mixtape, then this isn't for you. While there are two original tracks at the end of the mixtape ("5000" and "Miami Vice"), for the most part Just Practice is just straight rhymes and beats. Phresh James leaves all inhibitions at home and just experiments on this project.

The mixtape is compiled with a varied montage of smooth beats with Phresh James dropping a short verse per beat. He's just letting loose on an open canvas of production. His ear for beats goes from Kanye's "Heard Em Say" to Andre 300's "She Lives In My Lap" and even something a little more recent like Ludacris' "Sex Room".

While its good to see artists taking the road less taken with their projects, the only complaint you can have about Just Practice is that in between some of the transitions between tracks, it's a little coppy and/or the fade outs are little sudden. But otherwise, Just Practice is the perfect opportunity to see Phresh James during his growth as an artist and doesn't mind you getting an all access peak as he does so. Download the mixtape below...

Download: Phresh James - Just Practice

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