Minimal Mixes from Two Miami DJs

Surprise! There is other dance music in Miami besides big-room 7:00 a.m. house. Regulars at small underground spots like Laundry Bar and Blue know this already.

Here, a couple mixes from two of Miami's techno warriors, devoted to that sound birthed in Detroit warehouses and huge everywhere else in the world -- except here.

After the jump, links to mixes by DJ Nova and Anatoli Russki.

(BY THE WAY: LOCAL DJs of all genres - got a new mix online that you're proud of?? Feel free to send me links and info!) -- Arielle Castillo

DJ NOVA: Live at Studio A, May 6

Part 1:

Part 2:

ANATOLI RUSSKI: “Sub_Terra Incognita”, June 1, 80 min

"Deep down ‘n dirty journey into the twistedly minimal techno reality."


DL 320 @

DL 192 @


01 Fit – Frankie – Frankie Rec

02 Distraction – SAR Laera – Doctormusik

03 Your Bitch – Dachshund – Num

04 Ping Pong – Mark Broom – Platzhirsch

05 Mucky Star – Electrochemie – Get Physical

06 Jack the Box – Funkwerkstatt – Superfancy

07 Sudoko Kid (A.Delano rmx) – Star/Ito – Leftroom

08 Miracel Whop – Gabriel Ananda

09 Surge – Frankie – Frankie Rec

10 Balztanz Der Schwingungen – Matt Star – Weave Music

11 Quibble – Staffan Linzatti – District of Corruption

12 Laid back – Marc Hain – Logical Music

13 Twilite 1 – JPLS – Minus

14 Bionical Clones – Stanny Franssen – Harthouse

15 Electribe Technologie – Boris Brejcha – Autist Rec

16 Soulful Spirit (j.Wink rmx) –Hardfloor – Brique Rouge

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