Mindless Self Indulgence Tonight at Revolution

There's absolutely no reason for Mindless Self Indulgence to be around in 2008. For starters, their aggressive, quasi-industrial sound – on paper, at least – is long past its sell-by date. Furthermore, they've been up and down the indie-major-indie label rollercoaster and should now be experiencing their inevitable decline into footnote-hood. Yet, here we are, more than a decade after the New York band started getting attention, and they're still "a band to watch" according to most metal 'zines. Why? Well, a cynical person would ascribe it to the fact that MSI's profile has been boosted by the fact that, last year, their bassist married the singer in My Chemical Romance. Anyone with half a brain, however, would recognize that the group has amassed a serious (and seriously intense) fanbase that flocks to see MSI's propulsive, overwhelming live shows. And with every one of those shows, the fanbase just keeps getting bigger. The band has completely captured the affections of British and European audiences, and with the release of their new album If – and, of course, its accompanying tour – MSI is quite likely to continue being the new band from the '90s that all the black-clad kids are telling their classmates about. -- Jason Ferguson

Mindless Self Indulgence plays with Combichrist and the Birthday Massacre at Revolution tonight, May 8, at 7: 30 p.m. Tickets were $19 in advance $24 at the door. For more info, call 954 727-0950 or visit www.jointherevolution.net.

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