Miley Cyrus to Tyler The Creator: "My 'Barber' Couldn't Even Come Close to the F#$% Job That Is Your Face"

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Miley Cyrus is a terrible troll.

We've all seen her new haircut. (If you haven't, then look at it now.) And everyone on the Internet has an opinion, whether they think it's an awkward case of mange or a spunky, cute attempt to distance herself from Disney.

But when music's greatest troll -- AKA Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator -- took to Twitter with his thoughts, Ms. Cyrus tried her Hollywood best to take a shot back.

It all started when the OFWGKTA ringleader tweeted an imagined conversation between Miley and her hair stylist.

Miley didn't like that shit. So she bit back with her own scathing remark.

Damn Tyler, Miley Cyrus just called you fugly, son.

But, let's deconstruct this message ... Why does Miley have a "barber" and not a hair stylist? And why the quotes? Is "barber" secret code for drug dealer? As in, was Miley trying to tell us she was high on salvia when she took the scissors to her head?

But in the end, Miley is Hollywood. So she serves the beef with a side of peer-to-peer respect. There's really no need to ruin this chance to make a connection with the hottest kid in rap music. After all, a duet with Tyler could be the ultimate transformational bad-girl move.

We here at Crossfade will keep you up-to-date on any forthcoming Miley Wolf projects.

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