Miley Cyrus, LL Cool J, Pitbull, Ke$ha, and Afrojack at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party 2013

As part of the Bleau Live Concert Series

Special appearances from Miley Cyrus and LL Cool J

With performances by Afrojack, Ke$ha, and Pitbull

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Better than: Witnessing Ke$ha ask the crowd to teabag their neighbor.

Exhausted at work today? Have a hangover? Are your hips throbbing from constant booty-shaking? Then there is a good chance you spent your weekend at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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Having attended last year's soiree, we knew this was going to be one not to miss. In 2012, we got to shake the hand of Adam Levine and splashed around in the pool with a half-naked Flo Rida!

The day began with a poolside party featuring pop princesses Icona Pop and EDM party trio Krewella. Unlike the late-night performers, these soon-to-be A-listers were caught mingling with guests.

Icona Pop's Caroline Hjelt was even seen getting into the pool to take a picture with a few tweens begging for a selfie. Classy move, girl.

Upon arrival at the Fontainebleau, you would have thought Barack Obama himself was lounging 'round, talking politics. With not one but three different security clearances to enter the party, it was clear that no nonsense was gonna be going down.

But unlike every Miami event in history, this party began promptly at 9 p.m., with Miley Cyrus and LL Cool J welcoming the crowd. But it was very clear that most guests had started their cocktail celebration way before sundown. If you have never seen a drunk MILF from the Midwest break it down to the beats of Afrojack, you haven't lived.

Speaking of Mr. Afrojack, he was the first to take the stage. We aren't sure what it is about Miami and EDM, but an electronic beat just turns any SoFla situation into a mini Ultra Music Festival.

Even without an open bar, the crowd was already in full-on, faded, arm-flailing beat freak mode.

After Afrojack's 20-minute set, it was time for Ke$ha.

While she might still brush her teeth with Jack Daniels, it's obvious that her I-don't-shower look is dead. Her party girl persona? Oh yes, that is alive and well. One part of her revamp was definitely the wardrobe.

It was mesmerizing... Ms. Hot Pop Mess went through umpteen outfit changes.

Even her backup dancers rocked stuff like eyeball headgear, ninja costumes, chicken suits, and bright-blond mullets. And at one point, she and her crew were spraying whipped cream in and our around each other's mouths. Just a normal night for her, we suppose.

For any admirer of the wild Top 40 songstress, there is no doubt that the evening was a glitter high. Playing her classics like "Blah Blah Blah," "Blow," and "Warrior," Ke$ha made sure it was essentially a night filled with her greatest hits. But fans weren't disappointed by new stuff like "Crazy Kids" featuring Will.I.Am.

All around, the girl brought it. Especially when she discussed her love for balls, even saggy ones, asking all crowd members to teabag the person standing next to them.

Much like Enrique Iglesias at last year's iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, a hometown hero closed the night.

Before we knew it, Mr. Pitbull himself had arrived. In a fabulous suit and some sunglasses, of course. Ah, how we have seen our little Armando Pérez grow from his Calle Ocho stages to the main act at one of the biggest pop events of the year. Excuse us while we wipe away our tears.

But not forgetting what put him on the map, real fans were happy that Pit didn't forget older jams like "I Know You Want Me" and "Culo."

In what seemed like less than 30 seconds, it became quite obvious who from Miami had made their way to the fiesta.

Quickly taking off their heels to meringue and cha-cha all over the Fontainebleau premises, Pitbull's shoutout to everyone's respective homeland was much appreciated.

Just in case you haven't already realized it, Pitbull has been the author or a guest on virtually every hit song made in the last two years. And just because his celebrity duo partners couldn't make the pool party ... That didn't mean Mr. Worldwide didn't perform their tune.

With the music videos playing in the background, Pit played his Chris Brown collabo "International Love" as well as the Christina Aguilera-assisted "Feel This Moment" and the Jennifer Lopez hit "Live it Up."

It was definitely "Ultimate." In both the good and bad ways.

Like, we know for sure if you attended this weekend's festivities, your liver is currently hating you. Your feet are killing you. And there is a good chance your credit card has reached its limit.

But there is no doubt all that "Ultimate"-ness was all worth it.

Critic's Notebook

Show Highlight: Can you say that Ke$ha sprayed whipped cream and glitter on you? Well, we can.

Show Letdown: Really, Miley Cyrus, you come to Miami for the weekend and don't perform once?

Final Thought: Hey, Pitbull, thanks for making our city proud.

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