Miley Cyrus Goes Braless, Teases Used Car Owner

Admit it, you're turned on by the new Miley Cyrus, the one who loves penis cake and can't stop exploring her sexuality, the girl who takes bong rips and sexts rock stars. But a braless Hannah Montana in daisy dukes and cowboy boots? Fantasy complete.

Earlier this morning, TMZ posted an inspiring video of the Achy Breaky heiress car shopping in Los Angeles without the support of a brassier, a reminder to all women that bras are restricting and incredibly overrated.

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Wearing little more than a vintage Beatles t-shirt, the 19-year-old actress (?) inspected a 1969 Mustang Fastback last week at her Hollywood home. According to TMZ, "Miley saw the panty-melting" classic on the street "and quickly set up a time to check it out in person."

Naturally, the owner of the cream-colored 'Stang drove the car over to Miley's house in an effort to make a hard sale. But the former Disney princess was only teasing. So Cyrus stiffed the guy and passed on his Mustang.

Oh, Miley.

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