Mike "Majic 305" Yuen, "Especially Popular" Miami Rapper, Convicted on Drug Charges

It's hard out there for an aspiring Bawse.

If Rick Ross gets recorded talking about drug deals, he sells millions of records and "Pat Riley [becomes his] neighbor."

But when Rozay's fellow Miami rapper Mike "Majic 305" Yuen does the same thing, he gets two years in prison, a $12,500 fine, and a neighbor who expects something a little different in a three-peat.

Yuen, 32, was sentenced after pleading guilty to using a communication facility in causing or facilitating the commission of a felony in violation of federal drug laws. Which rhymes with..."Aw, hell naws?" Something to keep in mind.

Described by the Associated Press as being "especially popular" in Miami (and who, with 6 Facebook friends, is empirically more popular than Mozart or Elvis ever were in their lifetimes), Majic is perhaps best known for having his rapper name misspelled in an Associated Press report about his conviction.

The charge stemmed from a phone call Majic made in Harrison County, Mississippi, in May 2009, in which he conspired with intent to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana. To put that in perspective, that is more than 100,000 grams of marijuana.

"Money is just paper, baby. Loyalty is priceless," Majic sings on his latest single, "Spend Your Money." In the right context, however, wacky tabacky cigarettes can be even more valuable than loyalty.

Tonight, let's burn one for Majic. For the people who have actually heard of Majic, however, they'll probably need to find a new dealer.

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