Miguel at Mansion June 10

If you haven't already met spacey soul singer Miguel (or pirated his debut album, All I Want Is You), here are some fun facts. He was born 24 years ago in San Pedro, California. He has black hair and brown eyes, stands 5'7" short, and weighs 135 pounds.

His personal style could be described as "Prince raiding the '80s closet at Eddie Murphy's mansion on Mars."

And if you're into TMI-type stuff, Mr. Miguel lost his virginity at 18 while vacationing with his family. As he recently confessed to Popdust during a very up-close-and-personal video interview: "Oh yeah, I smashed with my whole family there! And they cheered me on... 'Yeah, get her!'"

Umm... WTF, Miguel?

"No, they didn't do that. I'm sorry."

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